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About us

Objectables are a funny card publishers and shop based in Folkestone, Kent.
We have been established as a publishers for 6 years or is it 7, I have no idea really. In 2017 we moved to Kent and thought it would be a good idea to open a shop because it wasn’t stressful enough.


We now have a really great shop with some really fantastic customers. We also have lots of independent shops through out the country that sell our cards and we also call these shops our customers. It gets very confusing. We create and design all the cards in house apart form the ones we get other people to design for us.

I hope my wife doesn’t look at this and ask me why I wrote stupid rubbish instead of proper web site grown up writing. I told her it was very good. Please tell her that it is if she asks.


This is a drawing of Tim and Annie, the owners of Objectables.
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