Unicorns and Urinals
  • Unicorns and Urinals

    • Unicorns and Urinals is the gabby game of this and that.

      Task your team to guess weird word pairs – like chains and cherries or ninjas and nightgowns.

      Don’t doddle though, opposing players can usurp the urinal cake and pilfer your points if you wait too long!

      And remember, you can lead a unicorn to a urinal, but you can’t make it pee!

      What’s in the box?

      • 330 cards
      • One sand timer
      • One plastic urinal cake

      How to play:

      Team up and decide who will be the first clue giver. Then, decide whether you’ll guess green or purple pairs, either is fine!

      Start the timer and try to guess as many wacky word pairs as you can in a minute. Clue givers– be careful not to say the word itself or which letter begins both words. You can pass on as many words as you’d like.

      Pay attention opposing teams: you can steal the urinal cake if the group guessing can’t get a word pair in time and you know the answer. Don’t worry – the urinal cake is plastic and squeaky clean…

      Keep score of how many cards you get right. Whoever has the most after four rounds, wins!