Monster Match
  • Monster Match

    • Monster Match is the screaming-fast game of catching cute, donut-eating, monsters.

      How fast can you find a monster with 3 eyes…or 4 arms?

      Just be faster than the other players to win donut points!

      What’s in the box?

      • 55 monster cards
      • Two monster dice
      • One zilch token

      How to play:

      Place the zilch token in the centre of the table and shuffle the deck of monster cards and place 10 cards face-up, randomly around the zilch token.

      Give the dice to the person who has eaten a donut recently. This person is the baker (dice roller for the round).

      The baker rolls the dice. All players immediately search for any monster that matches what is shown on the dice.

      When you find a monster that matches what is shown on the dice, place your finger on that monster card! Other players who have not made a match may continue searching.

      No matches? Pick the zilch token and add 10 new cards.

      When the monster card deck runs out, the game ends immediately. Do not continue playing with the remaining cards on the table. Instead, start adding up your scores.

      To score, add up the donuts from all the monster cards in your score pile. Each card will have 1-3 donuts.

      The player with the most donuts wins!