Happy Salmon
  • Happy Salmon

    • The simple, fast-paced card game packed to the gills with high-fivin’, fin-flappin’ fun!

      Actions including the classic “High 5”, the unifying “Pound It”, the frantic “Switcheroo”, and the delightful “Happy Salmon” will leave players doubled over in laughter.

      With so many mini-celebrations built into the play, it’s the happiest game ever!

      What’s in the box?

      • 72 cards

      How to play:

      Everyone starts playing and on the count of three, flip over your entire stack of cards so they are face up and shout out the action shown on your own top card. Keep shouting so everyone knows your card!

      When any player shouts the same action as you, you both perform that action together.

      Once complete, discard your card into the centre and move onto the next one.

      Repeat until you have got rid of all your cards.

      Be the first player to discard your last card and shout, “FIN-ished!” – You win!