Much to the suprise of all our instagram followers we are pleased to announce that not only have we not gone out of business due to irregular opening hours but we have actually made the short list for the RETAS.

What the bloody hell are the RETAS? (it's and accronym for something which is why it is all in capitols, I am not sure what though) I hear you ask? Well they are the Awards for UK greetings card retailers. We are in the Newcomer South catagory. I think there are 6 shops entered, I'm not in anyway belittiling our achievement but it is quite possible that only 6 new greetings cards shops have opened in the south of England this year, but really, we are very chuffed.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past 7 months. It has been a great learning curve and whilst being hard work, has also been great fun and has really helped the business grow on all sides.

We also want to thank our competitors in the card publishing world who are now our valued and brilliant suppliers.

Hopefully we can stay open till the ceremony in June so we can let you know how we got on.