Toe Card, Funny card, funny greetings card, funny Toester card.


I embarked upon this journey of making up ridiculous puns and then doing silly drawings of them single handedly. My family were unimpressed with my terrible sense of humour, especially my wife and son. My daughter is 3 and just thinks everything I do is stupid. Over time the resistance was broken and my wife started to suffer from punning, then one special day my dear son fell ill with the syndrome. And so it was that one morning he pronounced, "What about Toester" . Oh the joy, the pride. So it was that I stole his idea and took it for my own as there is no loyalty in struggling humourists. This card is 145mm x145mm and is printed on a lovely slightly textured 300gsm card. Ooh and it's got a lovely brown kraft envelope too so it looks all nice.

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