Dinner Token Card, gift token, greetings card token, funny card, Funny birthday card


We often say, "I didn't buy you a present, but lets go out, just us and I'll buy us dinner some time" when we have forgotten to get someone a gift. Most of the time you mean it but somehow things get in the way, you forget, they forget and before you know it it's their bloody birthday again. With this token card no one can forget the impending dinner date.
These cards are printed on 320gsm Strafine board with gold foil and a perforated mark around the token so they can be popped out and kept by the receiver until they are good and ready to redeem. Don't worry, there is clear and legal small print to protect you from improper redemption.
Each card comes with a Gold envelope in a cellophane sealed bag.
145mm x 145mm
Blank inside.

Legal imprint