Dirty tea towel, Funny Tea towel, Typography tea towel, tea towel, Rude Tea towel

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This tea towel is filthy. We are products of our surroundings, I think most of us can agree on that. If we are surrounded by filth, soon enough we will ourselves too become filth. I am afraid that is very much true of out everyday objects too. It is not their fault. They are merely reacting to the environment we place them in. Take the Tea towel for instance, we can't really blame it of it's need for a good old unhygienic thrashing. It's our fault. We made it what it is. We should take the blame and leave it to the filth it so clearly deserves. 100% cotton tea towel with an unpleasant desire to be used in any way possible that may lead to a good old fashioned soiling. 79cm x 48cm.

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